Tips to increase battery life on your Android

Disable the services you do not use

The WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, are services that are not essential at all times, we can turn the Bluetooth rare just every time we need, the WIFI is recommended only activate it when we get home, office or any place known where we can leverage the fixed internet.
The GPS always good to have it on but when we are with a minimum of battery it would be more logical for our device disable survive as much as possible.

Reduce screen brightness and timeout

Settings> Display

Here you will find a number of options that we can customize to improve the length of our battery.

The screen is certainly what consumes more battery on devices in general, and a way to reduce consumption is moderately down the brightness on the screen. It is advisable to have the maximum brightness, at least have activated automatic brightness opciñon.

The waiting time is important to be as small as possible to prevent the phone does not this pinned for fun, a time of 30 seconds would be advisable, whenever possible and press the button screen off when not in use it.

Avoid too many widgets and animated backgrounds

There are many widgets at our disposal, and to be always in view of the user must be upgraded battery contastemente and consume our precious device. For more comfortable or useful to look at some widgets must moderarnos and other solutions such as shortcuts.

The animated backgrounds for Android there are incredible, but like all existing always get bored at some point, so it is best to try and leave you with a non-animated background our screen.

Stop background applications

Settings> Applications> Applications in execution

Some applications are not often using the phone are consuming resources and we do not even realize, is one of the disadvantages of the multitasking, but we can clean these easily, we can choose according to our desicion that applications should not be running and stop them.
May. Adjusting the timing of our accounts

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Settings> Accounts and sync

Many applications that have user accounts constantly check if there is any content that show or refresh in your widget. It is recommended to disable sync in non-essential, or change the synchronization period according to need.

Moderate game use

Some games for their graphics and animations consume too much battery and being in fullscreen do not even realize the percentage of battery left to us, so if we are in places where we will not have a place to charge our mobile, games are best avoided.
July. See which consumes more battery

Settings> About Phone> Battery Use

In this section we can see a graph with porcetajes battery use that each application is always normal "Display" is what consumes more, so we can identify which applications are consuming more resources and take better security measures possible.

In case of low battery

In the worst case, when we have the battery below 15% is required to follow these tips to extend life as much as possible of our Android.

Turn off WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Data Plan, reduce to the minimum screen brightness, mute the sound and the vibration on the phone. In this way we hope to reach a loading point for our mobile.

Charge your Android wherever possible

Do not expect to have less than half of the battery to charge it, or worse to show us the warning "Battery Low", it is always good to have the maximum before leaving home or office, and carry a USB cable and better yet a battery supplementary.

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